During Lockdown, we have been meeting on Friday mornings and Tuesday evenings to sing with past, present and new collaborators. It has felt incredibly important to get together, if only virtually. We have improvised, played games, SUNG and also taken the opportunity to check in with each other. Here are some of our pieces, reimagined for this time of isolation. Contributors: Elise Boileau, Priya Bose, Priyanaz Chatterji, Josh Considine, Dawn Coulshed, David Cummings, Alex Cunningham, Jenni Elbourne, Claire Greenway, Holly Hunter, Anna Jessiman, Eve Mcquaid, Molly Neylan, Ryan O’Riordan, Loussin -Torah Pilikian, Joe Richardson, Molly Schiller, Osnat Schmool, Chris Staines, Nicole Trotman, Nick Trumble, Freya Wynn-Jones and huge thanks to David Wolfin for his incredible editing skills. Please enjoy