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“It’s like this my dear sir. You’re wasting your life cutting hair, lathering faces and swapping idle chit chat. When you’re dead it will be as if you never existed. If only you had the time to lead the right kind of life, you’d be quite a different person. Time is all you need, right?”

In a small town, somewhere not so far from here, a small girl arrives in an amphitheatre, where she installs herself, makes friends with the local townspeople and has time for all who visit her.

Meanwhile, creeping through the alleys, invading the shops and cafes, are the sinister Men in Grey, bent on stealing as much time as they can lay their hands on.
With the help of the mysterious Professor Hora and his tortoise but with time very much against her, Momo must defeat the enemy before the world as she knows it is gone for ever.

Filament will be developing this show for 8+ during 2011

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