Momo R&D 2

We have completed our second phase of work on Momo, which saw two sharings, one at South Street Arts Centre (who hosted us between 9th and 13th April) and one at Greenwich Theatre, where we were part of their children’s festival.

We had a wonderful group of actors, David Cumming, Charlie Folorunsho, Luisa Guerreiro, Danny Kennedy, Stuart King, Jane Nash, Rebecca Thorn and our own Osnat Schmool to flesh out the world of the story and work on the 5 new pieces of music which Osnat wanted to try out. There will be footage of what we came up with very soon but you can see pictures of the work on the MOMO section of our Shows page.

We were very keen to see what our target audience (families with children 8+) would think and we had a great reaction from our young spectators.

It’s going to take a while to develop – we’re going to be working more on the story and characters over the next few months – but the reaction of our taster audience has been fantastic in giving us the incentive to keep working. We hope to have a finished show by 2013!

Hour Lily
Momo Teaser