Earth Makes No Sound at GOSH

On the 16th of August we visited Great Ormonde Street Hospital with excerpts of ‘Earth Makes No Sound’.  We had previously visited to  look around the hospital and find places where we might be able to sing but also move – and make sure that this wouldn’t interfere with the patients and staff needing to travel around the building. We wanted to reach patients waiting but also people on their way from one part of the hospital to another who might catch one song or part of a song.

Here we are singing ‘Plastic Tide’ by the beautiful mural on the wall of the entrance. We also sang and played the ‘Feather Game’ with young patients just outside the cafe and sang ‘Earth Makes No Sound’ in and amongst the patients waiting in the reception area. It was a hugely rewarding experience for the whole company – thanks go to Susie Hall and the team at GOSH for inviting us in.

STAMP at Shoreditch Town Hall
GOSH commission