Caravan Symposium

Osnat and I are looking forward to a day of symposing at the Bristol Old Vic, as we take part in a training event organised by Caravan. Caravan is run by Farnham Maltings and showcases new theatre  work, made in England, to international promoters in a three day event at the Brighton Festival. Alongside this, Caravan programmes training sessions for companies wanting to find out about how to make links with international promoters, theatres, festivals, and also how to access funding for international touring. I’m sure one of the ways is not to make work that uses more than 5 people, but lets hope there’s space for music theatre companies that do.

So tomorrow, alongside sessions with ACE and the British Council, we are also meeting with UK Trade and Investment. I’m intrigued to see how this government body can help UK theatre producers with their bid to enter foreign markets. I guess it’s part of the strategy to move companies away from subsidy and towards finding private funding – and perhaps there will be suggestions of how to approach contacts in this context. Well we’ll find out tomorrow – It could be the most surprising part of the day.

Dramaturgy as wind howls
Caravan – afterthoughts